Our product

Here is a high-end solution to display skulls, horns, antlers and animal heads. The Zone Viking adjustable display mount intended for hunting trophies combines esthetics, robustness and simplified installation. It blends perfectly to the decor of your cottage, restaurant, outdoor pavilion or living room. Its design options fill with joy hunting, wildlife and interior decoration enthusiasts.


Its advantages:

  • No drilling required to hold the heads and skulls. The support deploys itself inside the skull so it does not damage it.
  • It can hold up to 100 lbs.
  • The skull display mount can be oriented according to different angles in order to harmonize with your decor and can be adjusted anytime.
  • Silicone tips allow the support to fit perfectly inside the animal’s head and absorb vibrations.
  • The display mount is made of heavy-duty steel with zinc coating.
  • Various models are available
  • Three different lenghts and two fastener models are also available to fit the size of the animal.
  • Two fastener lengths are available to support the horns and antlers (drilling required on the piece).

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